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  • Rocket Chip 2 Gallon Foodservice Pail (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough)
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  • Domination 2 Gallon Foodservice Pail (Monster Cookie Dough)
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  • Galactic Fusion 2 Gallon Foodservice Pail (Cookies And Cream)
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Actually the best cookie dough I've ever had, which says something for a store bought product. Better than homemade in my kitchen (hard to admit)

I highly recommend this dough and hope it stays around in stores forever thanks for finding us all the way in northwest Illinois suburbs !

Jesi H.

Best cookie Dough ever! And for the size and price you really cant even beat it! 👍❤ 😋 so thankful to have found it and its local to my state! Best ever! It's a must try and a 5 star and then some! Go getcha some! 👍👍👍🍪

Britany T.

I heard about this cookie dough and when it decided to try it out myself I was so pleased. I bought mine at my local Meijer, I have tried the rocket chip and domination and they were SO GOOD!! I highly recommend if you are like me and live the cookie dough but don't always want the cookies.

Abby E.