More Than Just Looking Good, More Than Just Flavor

When we founded Big Dipper Dough Co, we started with a simple idea. To create a safe to eat raw Cookie Dough that everyone can enjoy. Children, Parents, Teenagers, Adults; Anyone with a desire to eat cookie dough without getting sick. Over the last year--and yes, it has been over a YEAR--big things have happened and lots of change has come about. We recently got in our 50,000 new containers, our 12,000 pounds of flour, our 3,000 pounds of peanut butter... And are as excited as ever to begin churning out larger and larger batches of dough as our geographical area continues to expand. Throughout this time though, I, Austin Groesser, CEO of Big Dipper have had one goal in mind above all others. That goal is to continue to refine and improve our product while maintaining the safety and quality of our product so that more people can enjoy the delicious dough that hundreds already do. We want everyone to be able to share it with their children, families, neighbors, and with their best friends! A lot of companies may talk big about their product and customer service but talk can only get you so far. We let our product and service speak for itself. While 133 5/5 star reviews may not be the best cross representation of our population, it's a great start! Thank you for all the support so far and know we promise to not let you down.

Austin Groesser


Big Flavor, Bigger Plans

Have you tried our Cookie Dough? Within over a year in business, we feel confident to say it's the best Cookie Dough you've ever tried. Time and time again that's what our customers are saying. Whether we meet them demoing at a store, getting ice cream at our food truck, walking down the street of our hometown, or even online! 

With our distribution moving forward into 13 states, we've set up some big goals for going into the next year! We will soon offer a 4 ounce size container! This will be a portion controlled and price controlled product! It will be available in many more places where our pints aren't available. Gas stations, convenience stores, and even grocery stores will carry them! We look forward to soon being able to serve college campuses as well with the 4 ounce container! Michigan State we're looking at you and your Sparty Stores!

Also, for next summer we are looking to launch a Cherry Chocolate Chunk flavor made with local cherries! This will be available at all the stores and farmers markets available in Grand Traverse County and surrounding regions! 

As always thank you for your support and we look forward to continuing to serve!

Austin Groesser



Big News At Big Dipper!

There are no excuses acceptable for our lack of communication on this blog the last few months. Although this blog will again become a priority as we go back to regularly posting! This summer proved an exciting one for Daniel and Austin. Not only has Big Dipper began taking on a life of its own and is exploding, but they launched a second company this spring! Although that will be further detailed in another post. 

We're slated to receive almost 50,000 pre-printed Cookie Dough containers to our Traverse City located on the third week in October! We are also receiving 12,500 pounds of Specialty Flour, 3,000 lbs of all-natural Peanut Butter, among other miscellaneous bulk items. We are teaming with a much larger sweeping food distributor, by the name of Lipari Foods too! Once all of our shipments arrive we anticipate our first order to be shipped out with them by mid-November!

Lipari distributed to EVERYONE. From Food Trucks to Restaurants, Mom and Pop grocery stores to Walmart and Meijers, everyone uses, and speaks highly of Lipari! We are excited to partner with them and begin spreading our dough to millions of consumers unaware of us and our product!

New Year Big Plans

We hope everyone had a wonderful New Years! The celebrations over and it's time to get back to work! In fact, at Big Dipper we never stopped working. The last two days have been spent making experimental recipes for a variety of products you will be seeing rolling out soon! Expect big things for us this year. Daniel and Austin will be hitting the game HARD and 364 days from today we will be closing out 2016 with smiles on our face, and a few steps further into the journey. As always, contact Austin at 231-883-6035 


We've been hitting the game hard and hitting the game fast. We're now carried in Traverse City by Oleson's Food Store on North Long Lake and have secured a distributor, Cherry Capital Foods. Through our distributor we're now carried in Grand Rapids, MI by Relish Green Grocers! We've been working really hard to get our product out there, and now our focus is turning towards the future. We've been in talk with many business about other uses for our Cookie Dough, as well as expansion of our flavors and product lines. If you're reading this and are a Grocer contact me at 231-883-6035 and I'll get some samples to you. Daniel and myself have also identified our brand is going to be built by doing demos, winning hearts and minds. As two twenty year old driven entrepreneurs, customers are very happy to talk with us and are exhilarated about our drive and the company we're growing. We're going to be setting future industry trends by the way we do demos, and how it's a win-win for the stores carrying our product. - Austin


Here at Big Dipper Dough Co we've been working since April to get to the point where we're at. We've made a lot of mistakes and so much progress in just this short period of time. Listening to many successful people as motivation and guidance, we found one recurring theme kept coming up. From Gary Vaynerchuk to Andy Frisella the people who made it all agree no one documents the rise. No one documents the 22 hour days, the getting your butt kicked day after day in order to succeed. We've decided to start a blog of sort to record (hopefully regularly) our progress, triumphs, and failures. This is to serve two purposes. One to allow our customers an inside look at our company and what's to come with Big Dipper. The second is, years from now when Big Dipper is a successful company, there will be a record to show how truly hard it is to start a company! 

Warm Regards,

Austin Groesser