Here at Big Dipper Dough Co we've been working since April to get to the point where we're at. We've made a lot of mistakes and so much progress in just this short period of time. Listening to many successful people as motivation and guidance, we found one recurring theme kept coming up. From Gary Vaynerchuk to Andy Frisella the people who made it all agree no one documents the rise. No one documents the 22 hour days, the getting your butt kicked day after day in order to succeed. We've decided to start a blog of sort to record (hopefully regularly) our progress, triumphs, and failures. This is to serve two purposes. One to allow our customers an inside look at our company and what's to come with Big Dipper. The second is, years from now when Big Dipper is a successful company, there will be a record to show how truly hard it is to start a company! 

Warm Regards,

Austin Groesser