More Than Just Looking Good, More Than Just Flavor

When we founded Big Dipper Dough Co we started with a simple idea. To create a safe to eat raw Cookie Dough everyone can enjoy. Children, Parents, Teenagers, Adults.. Anyone with a desire to eat dough without getting sick. Over the last year and yes it has been over a YEAR big things have happened and lots of change has come about. We recently got in our 50,000 new containers, our 12,000 pounds of flour, our 3,000 pounds of peanut butter... And are as excited as ever to begin churning out larger and larger batches of dough as our geographical area continues to expand. Throughout this time though, I, Austin Groesser, CEO of Big Dipper has had one goal in mind above all other. To refine and improve upon our product, to verify the safety and quality of our product only improves with increased production. So that more people can enjoy the delicious dough that hundreds already are regularly and feel comfortable sharing it with their little ones, with the children next door, and with their best friend. Alot of companies may talk big about their product and customer service but talk only gets you so far. We let our product and service speak for itself. While 33 5/5 star reviews may not be a great cross representation of our population it's a great start! Thank you for all the support so far and know we will not let you down.

Austin Groesser