Big News At Big Dipper!

There are no excuses acceptable for our lack of communication on this blog the last few months. Although this blog will again become a priority as we go back to regularly posting! This summer proved an exciting one for Daniel and Austin. Not only has Big Dipper began taking on a life of its own and is exploding, but they launched a second company this spring! Although that will be further detailed in another post. 

We're slated to receive almost 50,000 pre-printed Cookie Dough containers to our Traverse City located on the third week in October! We are also receiving 12,500 pounds of Specialty Flour, 3,000 lbs of all-natural Peanut Butter, among other miscellaneous bulk items. We are teaming with a much larger sweeping food distributor, by the name of Lipari Foods too! Once all of our shipments arrive we anticipate our first order to be shipped out with them by mid-November!

Lipari distributed to EVERYONE. From Food Trucks to Restaurants, Mom and Pop grocery stores to Walmart and Meijers, everyone uses, and speaks highly of Lipari! We are excited to partner with them and begin spreading our dough to millions of consumers unaware of us and our product!