Big Dipper’s Core Values: What They Are and Why They’re Important

Dec 02, 20
Big Dipper’s Core Values: What They Are and Why They’re Important

“Systems and processes are how you build the sales side of the business. Core values are how you build the people side of the business. You can have the best systems and processes in the world, but if you don’t have butts in seats to push the buttons and make the sales and the products, it doesn’t matter,” said Austin Groesser, founder of Big Dipper Dough. 

Following the advice of Andy Frisella, Austin started Big Dipper with eight core values. Over time, those eight became six. 

Big Dipper Dough’s Core Values

  1. Be Simple
  2. Be Proud, Be Hard, Be Humble
  3. Lead Well, Learn Better
  4. Take Action
  5. Excellence In All Things
  6. Be Honest & Transparent

Big Dipper Dough runs its business based on these six core values. All hiring/firing decisions, promotions/demotions, all positive and negative comments are made based on the core values. Our core values are how we systemized bringing people into the company. 

The descriptions of each value are available on the Big Dipper website, but Austin took it a step further and explained why each core value was chosen, below. 

Be Simple - Human nature is to overcomplicate things. I don’t know why or where it comes from, but this is number one, always. 

Be Proud, Be Hard, Be Humble - A good outlook to have in life. You have to be proud of the work you do, you have to show up and do it every day, You also have to be humble - accept that you can be wrong, that you often are wrong, that there’s often a better or simpler way to do something.

Lead Well, Learn Better - Has a nice ring to it. Part of being a leader is being humble. If you’re being humble, you can learn. The leader is usually never the smartest person in the room, never the most skilled at one task. The leader is there to bring everyone together and provide a space for people to work together. They’re there to put the well being of the company above their own and see whatever it is through to success. 

Take Action - It’s great to say what you want to do, but none of it matters if you don’t put your feet on the ground and get it done. 

Excellence In All Things - Don’t half ass things. See things through to the finish line. Don’t round any corners. 

Be Honest & Transparent - It’s one thing to say nice things and pretend everything is sunshine and rainbows, but it’s another thing to be able to dig down to the root of the issues. We don’t move forward without it.