Big Dipper's First Sale

Nov 23, 20
Big Dipper's First Sale

Austin didn’t even know he had made the sale. 

After spending months perfecting the Big Dipper Recipe, Austin started going to local grocery stores in Northern Michigan to try to get the product in stores. He didn’t know anything - how to sell or build a business. He tried to sell to cashiers and the guys bagging the groceries. 

After two or three times of getting kicked out of stores, Austin finally realized that he needed to talk to a Dairy Manager. 

On a Monday or Tuesday, he walked in all awkward, probably looking at the ground. After pitching, the Dairy Manager asked Austin to bring in some more samples. Two or three days later, Austin walks back into the store to follow up and the manager once again asked for more samples.

We dropped off more samples and he said “I can’t sell that. I need a lot more than that to put on my shelf.”

When he asked for more, he meant more cookie dough to sell. 

We had made our first sale. 

“In my head, I’m losing my mind. I’m getting ready to blow up,” Austin said. “I flew home. I don’t even think I touched the ground.”

Big Dipper’s start happened at Oleson’s Food on N Long Lake Rd in Traverse City, MI and we couldn’t be more thankful.