Big Dipper's First Big Order

Nov 04, 20
Big Dipper's First Big Order

Every small business waits for the day that they get their first big order. Big Dipper’s first large order was more than memorable.

About a year into the business, Big Dipper was making 30-40 cases of cookie dough a week. At the same time, we closed with a distributor out in Detroit. The first order that came through was two pallets. That’s 400 cases. 

400 cases of cookie dough produced by a company that, at the time, didn’t have demand, the proper ordering systems, or a designated warehouse to create the dough. 

To make matters even more memorable, the chocolate that we needed to make the dough didn’t come in until Tuesday afternoon - less than 48 hours before the order would be picked up on Thursday morning. 

At the time, Austin and his business partner were working full time jobs while running Big Dipper. Tuesday evening, Austin finished his shift at around 6pm and went straight to the kitchen where 5 employees were gathered, already in the process of making cookie dough. 

For 39 hours straight, Austin and his employees made cookie dough. Employees called in the help of their families, energy drink and pre-workout companies made a pretty penny and 400 cases of cookie dough were made.

From 6pm Tuesday night to 3am Thursday morning, the most important thing in the world was cookie dough. In those 39 hours, Big Dipper produced 400 cases of high quality, edible cookie dough. 

The first large order was delivered on time. 

That distributor and this order played a very large role in the success and growth of Big Dipper Dough. Not only was this order incredibly important, but it will forever be memorable.