Edible Cookie Dough: Is It Really Healthier?

Nov 04, 20
Edible Cookie Dough: Is It Really Healthier?

At some point in your life, you’ve heard an adult tell you that eating raw cookie dough was unhealthy, dangerous, or some combination of the two. But.. is it?

Although not identical, almost every cookie recipe has 5 main ingredients - eggs, flour, sugar, butter, and vanilla. Whether cooked or raw, butter and sugar can be eaten at any point of the day. I wouldn’t suggest just like… eating butter or spoonfuls of sugar, but I guess if it helps you through the day, go for it. Vanilla also falls in line with the eat whatever makes you happy category. 

The eggs and flour, though? That’s where the danger comes in. 

According to the CDC, poultry can contain Salmonella, a bacteria that can be dangerous and even life-threatening. Although, according to Healthline, “eggs are typically heat-sterilized, some bacteria can remain on the outer shell.”

By eating the uncooked eggs in the unbaked cookie dough, you’re possibly ingesting the Salmonella - which is why your grandma yelled at you from across the kitchen when you thought she wasn’t paying attention to what you were doing. 

Like raw eggs, uncooked flour can contain bacteria as well. During the 2016 holiday season, the FDA issued a warning against eating raw flour as it can contain E. coli, a bacteria that causes stomach issues for days at a time. 

By eating raw cookie dough, you expose yourself to multiple types of bacteria, one that could be potentially fatal. 

Lucky for you, though, Big Dipper Cookie Dough doesn’t contain any egg or uncooked flour. The heat treated flour used in all Big Dipper products is free of E. coli and any other harmful bacteria. Big Dipper also contains real butter from Idaho, Madagascar vanilla, and West African chocolate chips. 

Big Dipper edible cookie dough is safe to eat and contains all the butter and sugar you would eat otherwise, if that’s what you choose to eat, that is.