Meet The Team - Micheal Loucks Jr

Nov 11, 20
Meet The Team - Micheal Loucks Jr

Micheal Loucks Jr - Sales Manager

We can’t sell to you if we don’t sell to your stores. We wouldn’t be selling to your stores without Micheal, our sales genius. 

When he’s not selling edible cookie dough to stores all across the country, Micheal loves to spend time with his best friend, who just so happens to be his wife. If he won the lottery tomorrow, he would start a Non Profit Organization and, you know, keep working at Big Dipper. 

When he was 5, he thought he’d be a Nascar Driver and if he could live anywhere in the world, he’d live in a hobbit hole in New Zealand (if there was wifi, of course). Faith has always been important to Micheal - without God, he’d be nothing. 

Below are Micheal’s answers to random questions that will help you get to know him better. 

- The best piece of advice I've ever been given is: "When there is no acceptance of personal responsibility, there is little hope for positive change. Where there is personal responsibility, the future holds unlimited potential."

- Do you have any skills or talents most people don't know about? I can do some pretty sweet impersonations... Kermit the frog being one of my favorites

- If you could be ANY animal what would it be? I'd be an elephant, they are so majestic and smart!

- What is the craziest (LEGAL) thing you've ever done? There was one time when I was around 19 when a bunch of my friends and I decided we wanted to go to Canada (before you needed a passport) on a whim. We talked about going in the morning, gathered up everyone that could go, packed ourselves up in two separate cars and headed out that same night and got to the border in the morning.