Nostalgia Posts - Armond Bakes Cookies for Santa

Dec 07, 20
Nostalgia Posts - Armond Bakes Cookies for Santa

With the holiday season upon us, we asked our team about their favorite baking moments from their childhood. Here’s Armond’s story. 

Armond doesn’t really remember doing a lot of baking when he was a kid, but like many other families, his family just had to bake cookies during Christmastime. They just had to make sure Santa Clause had cookies on Christmas Eve (you can’t risk not getting presents on Christmas Day). 

It was just the exact holiday-atmosphere you come to expect during the Christmas season: a nice, comfy fireplace, a house decorated from top-to-bottom, a lit Christmas tree filled with many different ornaments, and some nice long-sleeve pajamas for MAXIMUM COZINESS. Elf was on the TV, as it is every year on Christmas Eve in Armond’s household - no contest, it’s the best Christmas movie. 

Armond was baking cookies in the kitchen with his sisters and parents. Because of his non-existent baking skills, he just helped out with mixing the chocolate chips into the dough. 

He can neither confirm nor deny that he may have tasted some of the raw cookie dough, but hey: when you're a kid, of course you're gonna grab a lil' bite of some raw cookie dough.

When they were all done, Armond and his family enjoyed the nice and delicious, warm, melty, chewy chocolate chip cookies they baked. But leaving two for Santa, accompanied with a warm glass of milk. Obviously. 

All in all, it's pretty neat-o that Armond now works for an edible cookie dough company like Big Dipper Dough, huh?