Nostalgia Posts - Danna Loves To Bake

Dec 14, 20
Nostalgia Posts - Danna Loves To Bake

With the holiday season upon us, we asked our team about their favorite baking moments from their childhood. Here’s Danna's story. 

Baking has always been a part of Danna’s life. Since she could remember, she and her mom would bake brownies from scratch, using a recipe her mom’s grandma brought over from the Former Soviet Union. When there were too many apples in the fridge, they would make an apple bake that was better than anything you could buy in a store or bakery,

Once she hit middle and high school, Danna would start bringing home recipes from food classes, experimenting and honing her skills as a baker. By the end of middle school, desserts were on her for all family functions and holiday gatherings. 

A specific baking memory doesn’t really stand out, since it was always so prevalent in her life growing up. It is incredibly fun to transfer that baking knowledge to her 8 year old cousin, though, which is part of the bonding experience lately. 

Baking really calms Danna down, which, during the holiday season, is always necessary. It’s so cool to be working for a company that sells baked goods every day. It really does come full circle.