Nostalgia Posts - Jess' Birthday Peach Pie

Nov 30, 20
Nostalgia Posts - Jess' Birthday Peach Pie

With the holiday season upon us, we asked our team about their favorite baking moments from their childhood. Here’s Jess’ story. 

It was an important day - Jess’ 16th birthday. That morning was just not a good day for so many reasons and she was upset - so upset that Jess called her grandma to pick her up and let her come over. Since it was her birthday, Jess’ grandma convinced her mom to let Jess come over to cheer her up.  

Jess’ grandma wasn’t expecting to host a birthday that day so instead of baking a birthday cake, she threw together a last minute, delicious, birthday peach custard pie. It was so yummy and the pie became one of Jess’s favorite memories growing up. 

She ended up making the same pie for the next two years - a pie Jess thinks she would still be making today if we were alive. 

Sadly, the recipe was lost when Jess’ grandma passed away just after her 18th birthday, back in 2012. A couple years ago, Jess’s sister and roommate actually tried to recreate it for her birthday and even though it wasn’t the same, she couldn’t help but tear up at the attempt. 

Jess loves telling this story to her friends and family because it’s such a weird 16th birthday experience. Jess still talks about that pie to this day and wishes she could find her recipe for it. She’s scoured her recipes so many times and still hasn’t found it. 

Maybe one day a dupe will be found, but for now, she’ll remember how much she loved it by telling this story.