Our New Years Resolutions

Dec 30, 20
Our New Years Resolutions

2020 is almost over! This year will go down in history books for so many reasons, especially the fact that it’s over and we now never have to live through it again. With the New Year, we wanted to share some of our resolutions with you - maybe they’ll inspire you to create some of your own, or maybe you could care less - either is fine! Have a happy New Years - it will absolutely be better than this year. 

1. Learn a new language 
2. Re-visit playing electric guitar
3. Listen to more Jazz 
4. Prioritize more relationships with people

1. Read More
2. Write More
3. Get Healthier Overall

1. Run a 100 mile
2. Pay off credit card debt
3. Buy my uncle a headstone
4. Visit NYC for a few weeks

Jess: My big one for 2021 is to get my first novel published. That's my main focus. :)

1. Make a "big" post-grad change to my lifestyle. I don't even know what that's gonna look like, but I'm hoping to open a new chapter in my own life
2. Continue making creative projects. Whether it be striving for some sort of social media presence or making fun things with my friends, I hope to continue this passion/hobby/interest that I've had for years
3. Go biking for 500 miles. (Is that a lot? Is it too little? Who knows? That's a problem for 2020-me to figure out)

Ruben: I want to get back to writing in my journal everyday. Got a Nintendo switch & animal crossing for Christmas so one of my goals before I die is to pay off all my debts to a raccoon.

Danna: Focus on the present and stop getting distracted by the what-ifs