Recipes To Take Into The New Year

Dec 28, 20
Recipes To Take Into The New Year

New Year, new recipes (or putting together some recipes we’ve already shared so that it’s easier to find some of them). Here are 10 cookie dough recipes you should take with you into 2021.

  1. Chocolate Chip Brownie Gooey Skillet - Nothing is better than adding some edible brownie batter to your cookie skillet! It's a win/win because you can enjoy that gooey center with 0 guilt or worry!
  2. Cookie Dough Pretzel Bites - Chocolate covered pretzels are always a hit, but adding cookie dough to the mix will make your (post-Covid) party layout a hit!
  3. Cookies & Creme Cookie Dough Waffles - We know you already bought your $8 mini waffle maker from your TikTok FYP. Why not put it to the test with this sweet recipe?
  4. Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies - Wanna try some bomb cookie dough ice cream sandwiches while we're all at home losing the little bit of sanity we have left? Well, here you go! Jump on in and enjoy this little bit of deliciousness. 
  5. Sugar Cookies With Cookie Dough Frosting - Here to bring you a recipe that mimics, or dare we say better... Than that store-bought, perfectly frosted, sugar cookie. This recipe will bring you the perfect sugar cookie along with the perfect topping. 
  6. Chocolate Filled Cherry Chocolate Cookies - Nothing makes a cookie better than a gooey, chocolate inside! This recipe fills up a Big Dipper Dough cookie with some delicious chocolatey goodness. Here's how you can do it too! 
  7. Chocolate Marshmallow Mug Cake - We are bringing back the mug cake for everyone to enjoy! This time with a bit of a twist. We added some marshmallows and some sweet, sweet chips to make your experience even BETTER. 
  8. Cookie Dough Stuffed Fried Oreos - 2020 is full of a lot of things, but one thing it lacks in carnival food! Nothing hits home quite like going to the fair in the summer and our food blogger couldn't agree more. So she made one of her favorite carnival inventions, fried Oreos with a cookie dough spin. 
  9. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cannoli - A classic Italian dessert with a Big Dipper twist. Made with the delicious cream cheese cookie dough spread our resident dessert guru created. These cannolis will satisfy the sweet tooth and put a smile on your face. 
  10. Cherry Dump Cookies - This cookie has everything - cherries, peanut butter and oats. What more could you want to celebrate the most special of holidays? Enjoy!