Why Does Our CEO Love Vans?

Nov 04, 20
Why Does Our CEO Love Vans?

Written by: Jess Anderson

This may seem like a weird blog topic to some people, but to us it’s just a normal day talking to Austin. The vans… Why does our CEO Austin love vans so much? A question that has plagued every employee’s mind since they first heard him rave about the minivan. 

Back when Austin was first starting out his life as a cookie dough salesman, he realized a set of wheels was needed. A set of wheels that could go vast distances, while also hauling many, MANY pounds of cookie dough. We’re talking like 600+ pounds of dough, easy. Where did his search for the perfect cookie dough transportation lead him? To a minivan. That’s right! Out of all the awesome options that could hold all the cookie dough his heart desired… he chose a minivan. 

When I was looking into buying a new car myself, not too long ago, Austin even suggested I choose the minivan on the lot. I couldn’t help but laugh and say “No…” at the idea. Because I don’t think I could rock the minivan quite like Austin does. I went with an SUV, which would be able to haul just as much cookie dough in my opinion. I think he was secretly disappointed I didn’t choose to heed his minivan loving advice. 

I mean, don’t get me wrong. A minivan is a SOLID choice for wheels. You know anytime someone is checking you out at a red light, they are 100% checking YOU out and not the minivan. That is a perfect reason to get a minivan in and of itself. Just to have the security that they’re interested in you and not your spicy soccer mom vibes. It also makes you a great choice to drive to the party… if all your friends drive a Prius anyway. 

Overall, I think maybe he could be onto something. He does own his own cookie dough company after-all. So maybe if we all get minivans we too can be successful cookie dough sales people.