5 Easy Edible Cookie Dough Recipes for You Holiday

Dec 24, 19
5 Easy Edible Cookie Dough Recipes for You Holiday

Trying to scramble up an idea for your holiday party this year? Don't worry. Big Dipper Dough is here to help. Find us at a local retailer near you and whip up these simple recipes just in time for the in-laws to get there. 

1. Cookie Dough Sundaes

This is as simple as it sounds! Just head on over to the grocery store that sells some Big Dipper and grab yourself some ice cream, toppings, and a pint of Big Dipper Dough! Simple and easy! You can even let your guests create their own sweet treats with a sundae buffet. YUM! 

2. Giant Galactic Fusion Cookie 

Have some Big Dipper Cookies n' Cream dough taking up space in your fridge? Easy! Lay it out in a pie tin and bake it up! Simply spray your pie tin or skillet with some non-stick spray or slather in butter. Bake it at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes and ENJOY! Serve with ice cream on top. 

3. Edible Cookie Dough S'Mores!

Just as heavenly as it sounds. Just replace your chocolate with some Rocket Chip. Or... Ya know... Just add cookie dough on top of that s'more. Nothing says warm holidays like making s'mores with the family! Whether you're making them in the oven, or in the fireplace. Now is the time to pull out all the stops with the s'mores. 

4. Cookie Dough Sandwich

Yum. Just slap some Big Dipper between 2 cookies and call it a gourmet dessert. No one will even question your ability to bake with this simple trick. The cookies can even be store-bought. OOP! 

5. Scoop It!

When all else fails just serve that cookie dough by the scoop. Blow your family away with the fact they can enjoy raw cookie dough without the risk!