Bowl O' Dough Cookie Dough Recipe

Jun 25, 19
Bowl O' Dough Cookie Dough Recipe

bowl o' dough cookie dough recipe

When you can’t quite decide what flavor of Big Dipper Dough you’re craving, what better way to enjoy it all than a big bowl o’ dough?!

Cookies and cream or monster? Classic chocolate chip or cherry chocolate? Sometimes it’s just way too much work to try and make that decision - so we came up with a solution for you, our Big Dipper Bowl O’Dough.

This is probably the easiest recipe we’ll ever give you, since really - all it involves is some scoops of Big Dipper Dough!

Bowl O' Dough Cookie Dough Recipe

Bowl O' Dough Ingredients

Bowl O' Dough Directions

  1. Prep your bowl, whether you’re using a waffle bowl or a normal (inedible) bowl - get it prepped and ready to go - make sure you have enough room to fit all four flavors.
  2. Take a scoop of each flavor of Big Dipper Dough, and place it in your bowl. The size of the scoop is entirely up to you and how big your craving is!
  3. Now from here, you have two options, dig in or add some toppings into the mix! For the bowl o’ dough, we prefer to enjoy the flavors of the dough alone, but fully support any added pizzazz 😉

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