Cookie Dough Cream Cheese Spread

May 06, 20
Cookie Dough Cream Cheese Spread

Another super simple and delicious recipe coming your way. This Cream Cheese Dip can be used for so many things! You can spread it on a bagel, dip your favorite fruit in it is, use it to frost a cake, and so much more! And while most recipes call for a plethora of items, for ours you just need 3 things! 


1 cup of Big Dipper Rocket Chip Dough

8 oz of Cream Cheese

1/8 cup of milk (any kind! We used 2% dairy milk) 


1.) Place your milk, cream cheese, and edible cookie dough into a mixing bowl. 

2.) Using a whisk or standing mixer, combine the ingredients until smooth and creamy. 

3.) Serve or place in Tupperware for later.