Cookie Dough Pretzel Bites

Feb 14, 20
Cookie Dough Pretzel Bites

With Valentine's Day here we can't help but give you something to spice up that box of chocolates you promised your loved ones. So here is our recipe for cookie dough pretzel bites! 



  1. Melt your white chocolate chips in a double broiler. If for some reason your white chocolate seizes, you can add oil or butter to try and salvage the gritty chocolate. 
  2. Once your chocolate is melted dip your pretzels into the white chocolate. Coating them evenly. Place them on a baking sheet to cool. 
  3. Take your remaining chocolate and add your choice of oil-based or powdered food coloring. 
  4. Once thoroughly mixed you can drizzle your dyed white chocolate over your chocolate dipped pretzels. 
  5. Let your pretzels chocolate harden in the fridge for 30 minutes. 
  6. Remove your pretzels from the fridge and get your pint of dough. Place a scoop of cookie dough between your pretzels to create a little cookie dough/pretzel sandwich.