Cookie Dough Truffle Pops

Sep 30, 20
Cookie Dough Truffle Pops

A true treat is getting to enjoy a tasty cake pop after lunch! But what if you could enjoy a cookie dough pop instead? It's the easiest recipe you'll make this month! Just a quick little roll, dip, and enjoy. 



  1. Roll your cookie dough into 2 inch balls and place on a parchment lines cookie sheet. 
  2. In a double boiler, melt your white chocolate. Use food dyes to color your cookie dough pops if you'd like. 
  3. Dip the tip of your lollipop stick into the melted white chocolate and insert it into your cookie dough balls. Let cool for a few minutes. 
  4. Dip your cookie dough pops into the white chocolate then let chocolate harden completely. 
  5. Melt your milk chocolate in a double boiler and mix until smooth. 
  6. Now take your cookie dough pops and dip them halfway into the chocolate. 
  7. Add sprinkles to your still sticky cookie dough pops. 
  8. Let harden again and enjoy!