Edible Cookie Dough Bowl

May 08, 20
Edible Cookie Dough Bowl

This week's blog post was 100% inspired by @foodbeast on Instagram! They created a simple and fun dessert out of edible cookie dough! While they filled their bowls with cereal we opted for some delicious ice cream. Though the options are limitless! You can put whatever you want in this delicious bowl, just don't forget to eat it too. 


1 pint of Big Dipper Edible Cookie Dough (pick whatever flavor! We chose Rocket Chip

A glass ramekin or bowl. 

Plastic Wrap

A freezer! 


1.) Turn your ramekin or bowl over and cover it with plastic wrap. 

2.) Take your Big Dipper dough and cover your bowl with a thick layer of cookie dough. 

3.) Freeze for 4 hours. 

4.) Remove from the freezer and take your cookie dough mold off of the ramekin/bowl. Peel your plastic wrap out. 

5.) Serve up whatever you'd like in your bowl and enjoy!