How to Make a Cookie Dough Sandwich

May 07, 19
How to Make a Cookie Dough Sandwich

An ice cream sandwich is a classic sweet treat. Portable, easy to make, and oh so delicious. So what if we told you we’re about to bring your ice cream sandwich game to the next level? We introduce to you, the “Cookie Dough Sandwich”.

We prefer our Rocket Chip dough for this twist on a classic and you’ll need the following (we promise, it’s super easy):

How to make a Cookie Dough Sandwich

Cookie Dough Sandwich Ingredients:

  • 1 pint of Rocket Chip Big Dipper Dough @ room temp
  • 1 pint of vanilla ice cream (or your favorite flavor)
  • Chocolate syrup, sprinkles, or an ice cream topping you’d like
  • Ice cream sandwich tray (or sheet pan & parchment paper)

How to make your cookie dough sandwich:

Step 1: Press the room temp Rocket Chip (or any Big Dipper Dough) on the bottom of an ice cream sandwich tray or a sheet pan on top of parchment paper

Step 2: Freeze

Step 3: Spread on your favorite ice cream/gelato/sorbet

Step 4: Pop in the freezer again

Step 5: Spread the last layer of Rocket Chip on top and flatten

Step 6: Freeze for the LAST TIME (we swear!)

Step 7: Slice into bite size squares and serve! We encourage you to truly “go crazy” here and roll the sandwich in sprinkles, dip in chocolate, or throw some whipped cream on top!

Did you try this cookie dough sandwich recipe? Tag us on Instagram (@bigdipperdough) and use the hashtag #bigdipperdough to show us your final products!