The Big Dipper Commerical Experience

Oct 25, 19
The Big Dipper Commerical Experience

Did you hear that we filmed our first ever edible cookie dough commercial last weekend? It was a new and exciting experience for all of us! The entire process was quite intense! 

From the initial outline of the idea to scripting to casting to costuming to filming. Everyone involved had never done anything quite like this. But with the support of some amazing Big Dipper team members, friends, and a stellar cast, the small idea we mentioned in a meeting earlier this year, became a reality. 

The cast was absolutely phenomenal to work with. They were very passionate about creating something that would really be memorable but also had fun. Not to mention seemed to really enjoy the dough we had on set for them to try. Of course, we wanted them to be just as in love with our cookie dough as their characters were.

Our small crew also worked well together to create a look that all of us are really stoked to see come together.  And when I say small crew, I mean small. With just the big boss Austin, our social media guru and filmmaker Jess, and the amazing Shane Haley photo on set, nothing was standing in our way. The sky was the limit and we are reaching just for that. 

Overall, we can't wait to launch this commercial is the coming months. We have been hard at work making this little idea a reality for the last 4 months. The process has been long and has definitely had a few setbacks, but we think it'll be worth it. So keep an eye out for our first official commercial coming your way before 2019 is out. We can't wait to share!