Cookie Dough Bread Pies

  • 02 September , 2020
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Snack time just got better! Did you know it's simple to make uncrustables at home? Did you know it's even simpler to fill them with cookie dough!? ...

Sugar Cookie Cookie Dough Sandwich

  • 28 August , 2020
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It's never too late to combine your favorite cookie with your favorite edible cookie dough. With that being said, Big Dippers amateur baker put tog...

Gooey Cookie Dough Baked S'Mores

  • 26 August , 2020
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Bringing back an old school recipe blog for you today! Cookie dough s'mores! I mean s'mores are good enough the way it is... But adding some Big Di...

Cookie Dough Ice Cream Pops

  • 22 August , 2020
  • 0

Who doesn't love a chilly treat in the middle of the summer? Well, this simple recipe will have you cooled off in no time! With just a few simple i...

Straight From The Pint!

  • 13 August , 2020
  • 0

So today we're gonna do something a little different! While we usually give you a fancy and fun cookie dough recipe, today we're going to keep it s...

Caramel Brownie Cookie Dough Bars

  • 07 August , 2020
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Add a layer of delicious into your brookie with a layer of ooey, gooey caramel. Here's how we made these yummy bars!  INGREDIENTS: 1 Pint of Rocke...

Sweet & Salty Frito Cookies

  • 05 August , 2020
  • 0

A little mix of sweet and salty is always delicious! You can't go wrong with it! Inspired by a pinterest recipe we decided to make the Big Dipper D...

Cookie Dough Stuffed Croissant

  • 31 July , 2020
  • 0

A little sweet goes a long way when you're serving up croissants. That's why we decided to stuff them with cookie dough and enjoy the warm gooey go...

Quick & Easy Cookie Dough Bars

  • 29 July , 2020
  • 0

Big Dipper is here to make your life simple and we are doing just that this week! An easy and quick way to bring a new treat to your daily life. I ...

Easy Pantry Dump Cookies

  • 24 July , 2020
  • 0

We all love the idea of coming home, craving cookies, and just using whatever you have in your pantry to make those cookie filled dreams come true....

Cookie Dough Stuffed Pretzals

  • 22 July , 2020
  • 0

Who said you can't enjoy a soft pretzel from the comfort of your home? Well, we're here to tell you that you CAN! This simple recipe can be made wi...



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