Edible Cookie Dough Bowl

  • 08 May , 2020
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This week's blog post was 100% inspired by @foodbeast on Instagram! They created a simple and fun dessert out of edible cookie dough! While they fi...

Cookie Dough Cream Cheese Spread

  • 06 May , 2020
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Another super simple and delicious recipe coming your way. This Cream Cheese Dip can be used for so many things! You can spread it on a bagel, dip ...

Cookie Dough Cream Pops

  • 02 May , 2020
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With the weather getting a little warmer the kids needing a fun activity to distract us all, why not make some cream pops! Today we are making the ...

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pizza

  • 24 April , 2020
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Ever want to just follow up that slice of pizza with a sweet treat, but still stay on theme for dinner? Well, we have a PERFECT idea. This is also...

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Fudge

  • 17 April , 2020
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 A quick and easy recipe to do with the kids is HERE! Jump into a bowl of cookie dough fudge and enjoy the creamy goodness that is chocolate chip...

Gooey Butter Cookie Dough Bars

  • 10 April , 2020
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This week we are going to go into a little more of an in-depth recipe inspired by Shelly's recipe on Cookies&Cups. Mostly because our recipe/...

Big Dipper Cookie Dough Brittle

  • 03 April , 2020
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We couldn't help but be offended when someone baked some edible cookie dough and called in TRASH because ours is not. While Big Dipper is delicio...

Cookies & Cream Cookie Dough Waffles

  • 25 March , 2020
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On National Waffle Day who are we to deny you waffles? Big Dipper can be eaten in pretty much any way, and that includes some yummy waffles. And ...

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pancakes

  • 13 March , 2020
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Pancakes are one of the best breakfast items. I'm ready to fight anyone who disagrees with me. So we decided to combine one of the best breakfast...

Cookie Dough Crepes

  • 28 February , 2020
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Who said you can't have cookie dough for breakfast? Or maybe just a dessert... YUM! Time for some cookie dough crepes.  INGREDIENTS: 1 Pint Rock...



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