Chocolate Chip Cookie Bread

  • 10 July , 2020
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I think the biggest take away from quarantine was MAKE BREAD! We must ALL make bread. ALL OF US! BREAD! BREAD! BREAD! So today we come with a supe...

Cookie Dough Filled Bread Pockets

  • 08 July , 2020
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A twist on uncrustables you didn't know you needed! A cookie dough, chocolate filled, toasted, cinnamon sugar coated deliciousness. You can't go w...

Cookie Dough S'Mores Dip

  • 01 July , 2020
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Summer days are all about s'more and campfires, but if you can't have those, here is as easy alternative. A delicious, gooey, warm, and scrumptiou...

Stuffed Cookies and Cream Cookies

  • 24 June , 2020
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What goes better with more cookies and cream than more cookies and cream? This week we bring you OREO stuffed cookies!!!!  INGREDIENTS: 1 Pint Big...

Dipped Cookie Dough Pretzels

  • 19 June , 2020
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Who doesn't love pretzels and chocolate!? Well, this time around we are adding our delicious cookie dough again. You can't go wrong with a sweet a...

Cookie Dough Caramel Cups

  • 17 June , 2020
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Looking for something a little more lavish to treat your family and friends too? Well, these cookie dough caramel cups will be right up your alley...

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cups

  • 13 June , 2020
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I know you've heard of peanut butter cups, but have you ever heard of cookie dough cups!? That's right, we created some very yummy and super simple...

Frosted Brownie Cup Cakes

  • 10 June , 2020
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The only thing that could make a brownie better is if the whole thing was just the end piece right? That's why you make them into cupcakes. That's...

Mini Cookie Cereal

  • 29 May , 2020
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For some reason we just really want you to add cookies to your breakfast routine so back again this week is a delicious take on a classic breakfast...



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