Cone It! Cookie Dough Ice Cream Cone

  • 24 May , 2019
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It’s a waffle cone wrapped in a blanket of cookie dough. Or maybe it’s more like a cookie dough scarf since it’s just wrapped around the top. Nine ...

Cookie Dough Sundae Recipe

  • 16 May , 2019
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Okay friends, get your sundae spoons ready because have we got the prime recipe for you! The best part about sundaes’ is that you can put anything ...

S'MORES Edible Cookie Dough Recipe

  • 10 May , 2019
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S'MORE'S are a highlight of summer camping trips, but what if you’re craving some before camping season has arrived? Most S'MORES lovers have only ...

How to Make a Cookie Dough Sandwich

  • 07 May , 2019
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An ice cream sandwich is a classic sweet treat. Portable, easy to make, and oh so delicious. So what if we told you we’re about to bring your ice c...

Pop-Tart Cookie Sandwich Surprise

  • 02 May , 2019
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We’re putting some Pop(-Tart) into our classic cookie dough sandwich! You may be thinking, whoa, whoa, whoa, Pop-Tarts? How? Where? Why? Well, fel...



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