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Edible Cookie Dough Recipes

Edible cookie dough recipe

Cookie Dough Sundae

Try our raw cookie dough recipe below. Simply:

1. Pile your favorite ice cream in a bowl

2. Pile on Big Dipper Dough!

3. Mound it with whipped cream, toppings, and chocolate sauce!


Smash it! Cookie Dough Sandwich

It's easy to make a delicious cookie dough sandwich. Just:

1. Big Dipper Dough + 2 of your favorite cookies = match made in heaven. We like to call it cookie-ception

2. Roll in sprinkles or Oreo's and drizzle in chocolate!


Cone it!

Try our raw cookie dough in a cone. Simply:

1. Scoop your favorite Big Dipper Dough into a cone!

2. Roll in sprinkles or Oreo's and drizzle in chocolate!


Cookie Dough S'MORES!

You'll never experience S'MORES the same way again with our Cookie Dough S'MORES recipe! Try one by:

1. Smashing some cookie dough, chocolate, and marshmallow between the graham crackers and watch the magic happen.

2. Make up an extra, grab the camera, and pull up a chair. Sasquatch love cookie dough S'MORES!



Try our BOWL O' DOUGH raw cookie dough in a traditional fashion. It's truly an American classic. Simply:

1. Make yourself an apple pie.

2. Befriend your friendly neighborhood Bald Eagle.

3. Make yourself a waffle cone bowl of Big Dipper Dough.


Domination Cookie Dough Waffles!

This next recipe only works with our Domination cookie dough! Try it by:

1. Fill your waffle iron with Domination.

2. It'll firm up nicely after 1-2 minutes.

3. Drizzle with peanut butter and chocolate sauce.


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