Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Be Simple

Less is more, don’t over complicate matters.

Be Proud, Be Hard, Be Humble

Never forget where you came from and all the obstacles you’ve overcome. Be proud of where you are today and ever vigilant towards the future. Life humbles us all.

Lead Well: Learn Better

Set the example. Learn from your mistakes and of those around you. Life is the greatest teacher, share your experiences openly. Assess new people to the business to ensure they can uphold our standards and core values. Improve yourself and others 1% a day.

Take Action

This world waits for no one. Take calculated action quickly and change your mind slowly. Know what you do well and execute, don’t procrastinate.

Excellence in all things

Excellence isn’t even our standard, it is our minimum requirement, and we will always push ourselves to go far beyond it. We don’t want the results of our life and work to be satisfactory, we want them to be undeniably legendary.

Be Honest & Transparent

Honesty & transparency ensures the important issues are apparent instead of hidden. It makes clear peoples’ performance which helps maintain our high standard. The more we can see what is happening, the more effective we are at deciding the appropriate way to handle things. Learning is compounded and accelerated when everyone has the opportunity to hear what everyone else is thinking.