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Receive a pint of Chocolate Chip and Cookies N Cream 🍪

Bestselling Pint 2-Pack
Bestselling Pint 2-PackBestselling Pint 2-PackBestselling Pint 2-PackBestselling Pint 2-PackBestselling Pint 2-PackBestselling Pint 2-PackBestselling Pint 2-PackBestselling Pint 2-PackBestselling Pint 2-PackBestselling Pint 2-Pack

Receive a pint of Chocolate Chip and Cookies N Cream 🍪

🚚 - Free shipping all orders

A delicious pack of our two best selling flavors in a size big enough to share, or don't 🤷‍♀️😋


Spoon Licking Good!

350+ 5 Star Reviews!

American Made!


Skip the baking tray and dig into the cookie dough raw goodness of Big Dipper Dough’s Edible Cookie Dough!

Just pop the top and enjoy this cookie dough ready to eat. Packed with chocolate chips and creamy beyond belief, our eggless cookie dough is entirely safe to eat. You’ll finish each tub of cookie dough and be begging for more!

We all love our good old cookie dough. But there are risks when it comes to eating raw eggs. That’s why our cookie mix is egg-free.

We use pasteurized wheat flour and a mix of natural ingredients to ensure you’re satisfying your cravings the safe way.

Make delicious sundaes or milkshakes. Bring out the cookie scooper; roll it into balls and dip it in chocolate chip cookie dough syrup. Get your ice cream scooper and mix it in. Whether you want to snack on some cookie scoops on a movie night, Big Dipper Dough’s Edible Cookie Dough is made for you to savor!


Kitchen Cupboard Ingredients - We only use the best to create our cookies dough. With real Idaho butter, American wheat flour, Madagascar vanilla, Wisconsin cherries, imported chocolate chips, and sea salt, this cookie dough is truly mouthwatering.


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Delivers Cold To Your Door

110% Money-Back Guarantee

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Kitchen Cupboard Ingredients

Highest Quality Ingredients

Madagascar Vanilla

We only buy the best vanilla's available! Proceeds from each purchase go to help farmers in Madagascar.

Smooth, Creamy American Butter

Unlike competitors, our butter doesn't contain natural flavorings! It tastes great as it comes from healthy cows!

Flour from America's Heartland

Never bleached, enriched, or brominated. Our flour contains 1 ingredient, wheat!

Imported West African Chocolate

Our chocolate is vetted and sourced from ethical farming practices.

Highest Quality Cookie Dough

Rich and Creamy Edible Cookie Dough

Edible Cookie Dough

Get the best on the market with Big Dipper Dough edible cookie dough! There's a reason we've won 5 double-blind taste tests and 71% of people choose our product over our closest competitor. Choose between Chocolate Chip, Cookies N Cream, and Cherry Chocolate Chip. Rest assured all of our products are clean label and free from artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives!

110% Money-Back Guarantee

Egg Free with a Pasteurized Flour

Made with Kitchen Cupboard Ingredients

Convenient Delivery To Your Front Door

Bakes Into Delicious Cookies!

Roll Into 1.5" Balls And Place On Pan

Bake At 275 For 12-15 Minutes


Enjoy Your Dough Many Ways!

Customer Reviews

Based on 222 reviews
Bestselling Pint 2-Pack

I consider myself a cookie dough connoisseur and this didn’t disappoint!!!!

Bestselling Pint 2-Pack

One 3.9 oz tub was enough for my wife and I. Reminded me of a high end ice cream, (Berkey Creamery in particular) as it is extremely delicious but you can only eat so much. Was not like we needed a full bowl to satisfy the crave. We only got chocolate chip, would like to try other flavors.

Lisa M
Bestselling Pint 2-Pack

I used to buy Big Dipper at the market when I lived in Michigan and was happy when I saw this on Amazon. It’s the same great product, and so much better than the typical big brands at the markets here in So Cal. Each bite has good stuff in it. I hope soon that they will come out with a subscription type of option so I can get a regular delivery with all flavors

Bestselling Pint 2-Pack

Great tasting cookie dough! Ordered the 3.9 oz variety pack. Shared with my cousins and they were excited to eat it raw and enjoyed it with milk. Baking it is also an option (instructions on their website.) I used mine as a topping on vanilla bean ice cream. So many ways to eat and enjoy this dough.

Bestselling Pint 2-Pack

Since I was a little kid I always wanted to eat the raw cookie dough but my mom always told me not to
Now I found this product and I feel like the little kid again but this time I can eat it and not worry
I received the package today and was so exited to try it. The package was smaller than I thought but it was well worth it as this was amazing
I recommend this